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Be Smart When You Make Money From Home

When you are home, you don’t have to just clean up cook and while away your time watching movies and shows. There are a number of options for one to make money from home. However there are a number of pitfalls in this field and there are more than enough companies and individuals who are waiting to take advantage of the gullible people who are desperate to earn some money from home.

Stay Safe

Here are a few precautionary measures to be taken to keep one safe while earning online

  • Never send your original certificates and papers to someone you contacted online. They may ask you to send in the originals for verification, over post but never fall for it. You never know if your papers are going to an authentic place and if they are safe.
  • Never give personal details to a company that you found online. Take your time to get to know them before you can divulge which school your child studies in. one can never be too sure about the people met online.
  • Always keep a copy of your work, so that you can have some proof, if your work gets stolen or misrepresented later. There are many cases where one puts in a lot of effort and time and the final product is never acknowledged or turned down citing flimsy reasons. To the individual’s shock, their work could be found elsewhere under a false name.
  • Don’t be too quick to quit your existing job just because the offer online is too good and almost double the pay you are earning now. Wait and see if you are indeed working for an authentic company and if they are professional enough to play as promised.

Being careful is always a necessity whether you are working from home or at an office. When it comes to works related to talent, one always has to be cautious.

Avoid These Mistakes When Dealing with Debt Collection Agencies

If you find yourself in debt then you should equip yourself with the necessary information to deal with the debt collection agencies effectively. You should know your rights of course, but there are some definite do’s and dont’s that I’ll make you aware of in this article to help you get the most positive outcome.

Being Too Honest

Debt collection agencies are notoriously ruthless and sometimes they’ll try the tactic of being your friend in order to get you disclose information or make payments instantly on the phone. Being kind and honest will not help you with these companies. You need to be calculated, calm, ruthless and unemotional yourself in order to get the better of them. Say very little to them on the phone or in person. Don’t disclose anything or volunteer any information. You are under no obligation to.


Blindly Accepting Debt

Just because an agency says you owe money doesn’t mean you actually do. Write to them within 30 days and ask for proof of the debt. This will also get them off your back for a little while.


Not Documenting Everything

Keep a log of all correspondence with regards to the debt. Phone calls, visits, letters. You can never have too much documentation. Most debt collectors are not used to dealing with people who are this organized, and you can catch them out if you keep meticulous records.


Don’t Be Intimidated

Collection agencies almost always try and intimidate people to get them to pay. They buy debt off other companies at a fraction of the cost of the debt and they push hard to get people to pay as much as possible. Remember they are a company and they are trying to make a profit. They aim to recover a certain amount on each debt in order to break even, so they’ll do their utmost to get you to make payments, however, they will also try to get the absolute maximum amount of money out of you that the law will allow. Never allow yourself to be intimidated by them. Know your rights and stay strong.