In order to learn about funding and investments, there is no alternative to reading books. Here are some amazing books you can read on this topic.

An Introduction to Fund Management

By – Ray Russell

This book talks about the economic rationale for the fund’s existence. You will know about the various types of funds available, the investment strategies, etc. It provides an overview of the entire business and explains the processes of fund management, fund administration, and performance measurement.

Fund Custody and Administration Hardcover

By – David Loader

This book gives an overview of investment funds. You will learn about custody and safekeeping of fund assets. Emphasis is placed on asset management. You will know about the important elements of investment fund management.

Hedge Fund Investment Management

By – Izzy Nelken

The Hedge Fund industry has grown considerably in the past few years. In this book, you will know everything about Hedge Fund. Anyone who has invested in a Hedge Fund or want to invest in it should read this book. You will learn about the different types of funds here.

Fundamentals of Fund Administration: A Guide

By – David Loader

This book is about fund administration services. The success of the fund administration is important for the success of the funds. The market is very competitive, so you need to have good knowledge on this subject. The book will benefit those who manage and supervise fund administration services.

These books are worth reading if you know more about fund management. The books will help you to make wise decisions about your funds.