8 Ways To Lose Weight When You’re Broke

Do not lose hope and give up on your weight loss plan if you are broke. Here are eight ways in which you can lose weight even when you have no money and are broke.

Cook yourself

Stop eating out and save money by cooking at home. You will be able to measure the food quantity and the sugar and fat content in the food that you prepare. This will also let you save lots of money.

Grow a home garden

Instead of spending lots of money on your weekly vegetables and fruit produces, you can now grow your home garden. The seeds of the plant do not cost anything and thus you can get fresh produce without shelling out a lot of money.

Lose weight by watching videos online

Now you do not need to enroll in expensive programs and workout sessions. In fact, you could browse through some online channels to follow a trainer that helps you to lose weight.

Plan your meals

Planning your meals in advance before you go grocery shopping will let you save money. This will not let you spend unnecessarily on things that you do not need. It will also avoid wastage and thus save you money.

Search for online coupons

Takeout time to look for online coupons that let you save money when you go to the grocery store. These online coupons give you discounts or cash backs.

Portion size

Pay close attention to the portion size of each meal. This helps you to lose weight.

Bulk Purchases

For things that have a long shelf life, you could buy in bulk and save money.

Walk and do simple exercices

Without paying a lot of money on instruments, start walking daily and do some simple exercises that let you lose weight without spending anything.