One of the most common questions every employee has in mind is “How much extra will I get paid for doing this work?” The answer is simple. It depends on the employer and what kind of employee you have been along with the local state laws that cover the employees. In certain cases some employees are not paid overtime for the work done.

Getting paid overtime gives you a significant income as the pay is set much high in accordance to the actual working hour’s salary. Overtime means working beyond the set hours in week. The salary to be paid for overtime workers cannot be less than one and half times the employee’s regular pay. In some companies, overtime may be double the salary paid. There are no laws on paying double the salary. This purely is a contract between the employer and the employee.

The basis for any additional pay request is based solely on the performance of the employee. It is essential to perform well regularly in all evaluations that the employer conducts. A record has to be maintained with all accomplishments, and achievements. All teh activities, accomplishments that you have done to add value to your employer must be documented and periodically brought to the employer’s notice. Self appraisal along with the employer’s appraisal will help you in getting paid more for the work that you have already been doing.

It is best to know your basic rights as an employee regarding the leave policy, pay rules, and various labour policies. Work done beyond the prescribed working hours a week should be considered overtime and never work without getting adequate pay for the working hours dedicated towards the company. It is right to go over this article and never work overtime without pay.