How to Customize an Embroidered Cap

Embroidery on caps gives them a professional look and is an excellent way to promote your business. It’s an inexpensive and effective form of marketing, as every person wearing your cap acts as a walking billboard for your company. Salt Lake City embroidery and printing offers a wide selection of custom embroidered caps that you can personalize with your company name or logo. You can also choose the type of hat that best suits your needs, including caps for men and women.

Before you select a style of custom cap, decide what it will be used for. For example, if you are planning on distributing the hats to employees and clients, consider a beanie or a baseball cap that’s easy to fold up for packing in suitcases. You’ll also want to keep in mind that a custom embroidered cap should complement the uniforms your company wears.

The choice of embroidery type is also important. Serif fonts are generally preferred for hat embroidery, as they are easier to read than sans-serif fonts. Aside from this, a serif font’s little extensions at the ends of the letters give them a more traditional appearance. This makes them ideal for use in official documents, such as letters, reports, and brochures. However, it’s important to note that using a serif font on a cap with a small text can make the message ineligible.

Aside from the embroidered design, you can also have a personal label placed on the inside of the cap. This is a more subtle way of communicating your message to the wearer, and it can include any information you want your customers or employees to know. For instance, you can include your company name, phone number, website address, and other contact information.

Another way to customize a cap is to add sewn eyelets. These classic decorations are usually made of metal and provide a nice, finished look to the cap. They also serve a practical purpose, as they allow air to circulate inside the cap, helping your head stay cool and dry.

You can also customize your hat with a custom-designed patch. These are a popular choice for custom embroidered caps because they are a great way to promote a specific event or cause. These patches can be affixed to the front of your hat or to the back of the cap.

If you want to add a more modern touch to your custom embroidered cap, opt for a five panel cap. These hats consist of five pieces rather than six, so they offer a larger unobstructed area for decoration. They are typically available in flat brim or bent brim versions. Flat brim caps are more fashionable, so you’re likely to see them being worn by people who are into street-smart styles.

Woven caps are a great alternative to embroidered caps because they’re less expensive and offer the same aesthetic. They also tend to be more durable than embroidered caps. However, you should be aware that the woven process is not as precise as embroidery and may lead to some minor flaws in the finished product.