The Perfect Thing To Do When Fighting Drug Crimes and Drug Trafficking

Experienced Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Whether you have been arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia or drug trafficking, you need an experienced drug crime defense attorney to help you. An attorney will review your case, analyze your evidence, and formulate a plan to fight your charges. If you’re charged with a drug crime, you can expect penalties such as jail time, fines, probation, and more. You also may have opportunities to avoid a conviction if you are qualified for a diversionary program. These programs can help you avoid a criminal record and allow you to skip jail time and go directly to treatment.

If you are charged with trafficking drugs, it’s important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. This is because you have a lot at stake. If you are convicted of drug trafficking, you’ll be facing a lengthy prison sentence and large fines. A defense attorney can develop compelling arguments on your behalf that will help you preserve your rights.

Drug crime charges are often felonies. A conviction will leave your criminal record intact and prevent you from applying for certain jobs or opportunities. You may also be subject to long-term probation. There are also opportunities to reduce or dismiss your charges, and your attorney can help you take advantage of those. A skilled defense attorney will fight to get charges dismissed or reduced.

If you’re charged with drug trafficking, an attorney can also challenge the evidence used in the investigation. If police conducted a search without probable cause, your complaint may be dismissed. You also may be able to argue that the quantity of narcotics recovered was not large enough to warrant charges, or that you are simply possessing the drugs for personal use. An attorney can also argue that the arresting officer violated your rights during a search.

You may be eligible for a diversionary program, depending on the charges you’re facing. For example, if you are charged with selling drugs or a possession charge, you may qualify for the Virginia Drug Court Program, which allows you to receive treatment and avoid jail time. There are also programs for first-time drug offenders. The best defense for trafficking charges is to challenge the evidence used in the investigation.

A skilled drug crime defense attorney in Alexandria, Virginia will review your case and take the time to complete each step. They will analyze your evidence, interview witnesses, and develop a defense strategy that is right for you. They may be able to get the charges dropped, reduced, or even sealed. If you’re charged with drug possession or trafficking, you need an attorney who will fight for your rights and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

If you are facing drug charges, it’s important to contact an experienced drug crime defense attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can help you build a strong defense, and may be able to get your charges dismissed or reduced. Even if your charges don’t get dropped, you can still work with your attorney to help you get treatment.